Pets – Wild At Heart


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As anyone who’s ever tried to get a cat to do something it doesn’t want to will attest, this show’s title isn’t really news.

Pets – Wild At Heart. BBC One, 8.00pm
Pets – Wild At Heart. BBC One, 8.00pm

Using some astonishing photography, this explores the times that what you think is a pet reverts back to its savage natural state. It shows why hamster love to run on a wheel, how dogs pick up the rules of the pack and how kittens learn to be hunters.

It also shows how budgies can talk and cats can climb vertical walls. And it takes a walk on the wild side, from rabbits in warrens to the feral inhabitants of Cat Island.

First shown on BBC One, 8.00pm, Wednesday 21st January. Available until Friday 20th February.