Episode One

David borrows Nick’s car and tells Andy that he’s come up with a plan…this already sounds like a recipe for disaster. David orders Andy to plant drugs in Callum’s car but when Callum heads back to his car all David can do is look on in horror. Busted!

ITV, 7.30pm

Sean and Billy’s relationship develops further as Sean comforts Billy when he receives some sad news about a parishioner. The sick child that Billy has been visiting has died causing Sean to forget any anger he had at Julie and focus on Billy.

Elsewhere, Jenny babysits Jack but a complete overreaction means they end up at the medical centre for no reason. Sarah enrols Bethany at Weatherfield High School, much to Bethany’s disgust

Episode Two

Resident bad boy Callum finds Andy in his car and he isn’t pleased…to put it politely. David’s attempt at playing the big man doesn’t go to plan and soon he’s legging it down a dark street being pursued by Gemma, Callum and Macca who drag him towards the car. How will he worm his way out of this one?

ITV, 8.30pm

It looks like love is in the air for Sean and Billy when Billy confesses his true feelings. How will Sean react? Does he feel the same?

Meanwhile, Tyrone is suspicious when he sees Jenny and Jack leaving the doctors.  Will Jenny tell Kevin? And Roy and Sharif work alongside Cathy at the allotment.