Edge of Tomorrow


(2014) ★★★★

Sky Movies Greats: Tuesday 21 April, 1.40pm and 10.50pm
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Since starring in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report in 2002, Tom Cruise has had the happy knack of choosing quality sci-fi action projects. So, nothing by L. Ron Hubbard, then. After a few years accepting impossible missions and other odd jobs, Cruise followed Spielberg’s stunning War of the Worlds remake with the beautifully bleak Oblivion and the supersized chunk of high-grade pulp that is Edge of Tomorrow. In a canny bit of switch-casting, Cruise is not a soldier but a uniformed desk-jockey. The problem for the cowardly Major Tom is that he’s ordered to the front line in the world’s war against alien invaders. Now he’s trapped with Emily Blunt in a timeloop which always ends badly. Because an enemy that knows the future can’t lose. Making a quantum leap forwards from his feeble-minded fantasy Jumper, director Doug Liman has found his way back to the nimble stylist who made Go and The Bourne Identity. With impressive FX work and scarily chaotic combat scenes, this is a thrilling and surprisingly funny action spectacular assembled with verve and precision. It’s far superior
to Source Code. And to dismiss it glibly as ‘Groundhog Day with aliens’ is to seriously underestimate its cinematic skill and invention.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 114

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