Ice Age: Continental Drift


(2012) ★★

Channel 4: PREMIERE Sunday 19 April, 6.20pm

Scrat’s acorn hunt triggers a global cataclysm in same-again-but-even-sillier prehysterical cartoon with the usual suspects: mammoth Manny, sabre-toothed tiger Diego and Sid the sloth. “You guys are like the start of a bad joke,” snarls snarky lady tiger Jennifer Lopez, presciently. The other new recruit is Captain Guts, a singing piratical ape voiced by Game of Thrones’ big-hearted dwarf, Peter Dinklage. But the comparative wit of the original has by now been bludgeoned into sitcom conformity by the requirements of 3D FX which, as any studio executive knows, is always guaranteed to make a so-so script so much funnier. Still, a mammoth on a whale’s back – you don’t see that every day.

Certificate: U
Duration: 88min