(2012) ★½

Channel 5: PREMIERE Sunday 19 April, 9pm

After serving eight years for armed robbery, Nicolas Cage is a reformed man. And a desperate dad… his teenage daughter has been kidnapped by psycho ex-partner Josh Lucas. Even during the opening New Orleans bank hiest, David Guggenheim’s trashy script is at pains to point out what a decent guy Cage is, a family man at heart although his chosen profession is crime. He’s strictly an amateur, though, compared to Michael Mann’s dedicated protagonists in Thief and Heat. Another sign of the times. In the new babyfied Hollywood – a place that can’t be located on any moral compass – the bad guys are the feds who put him in prison: “Hope you got raped every day,” says agent Mark Valley, cheerfully greeting Cage on his release. This generic B-pic stuff is gussied up a bit by Cage’s Con Air director Simon West. But that was then and this is now. There’s no suspense because everyone acts like a jerk in this messed-up Mardi Gras world.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 92min