Stonehearst Asylum


(2014) ★★★

Sky Store: PREMIERE Released Friday 24 April

On Christmas Eve 1899, newly qualified alienist Jim Sturgess is warmly welcomed at a remote mental institution by doctor Ben Kingsley. But it is composed hysteric Kate Beckinsale who holds the key to Stonehearst’s dark secrets. “Believe nothing that you hear and only one half of what you see,” advises specialist Brendan Gleeson at the outset of an engaging mystery elegantly re-arranged from an Edgar Allan Poe story. Some of the participants have previous: Masters of Horror alumnus Brad Anderson made the sinister Session 9 in 2001, while his Transsiberian star Kingsley was the lunatic in charge of Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island. Here, Sir Ben makes do with a cuckoo-clock in his office. “Cure them?” he says to a non-plussed Sturgess. “To what purpose?”

Certificate: 15
Duration: 113min