The Last Stand


(2013) ★★★½

Channel 5: PREMIERE Sunday 26 April, 9pm

The only thing standing between drug cartel kingpin Eduardo Noriega and freedom in Mexico is Arnold Schwarzenegger, sheriff of a no-account Arizona border town called Sommerton Junction. The dusty setting and Arnie’s sleepy deputies give the action a Rio Bravo vibe before the showdown kicks off with Extreme Prejudice. As 80s action revivals go, it’s hectic, excessive and staged with extreme slickness by Korean film-maker Kim Ji-Woon, the gifted director of I Saw the Devil and the delirious The Good, the Bad, the Weird. There’s good and bad here, but nothing too weird. Unless the unbilled appearance of oldtimer Harry Dean Stanton counts. He’s farmer Parsons.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 107min