Bag of Bones


(2011) ★★★

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Successful author Pierce Brosnan in a slump after the sudden death of his wife Annabeth Gish, wiped out by a bus in New York City. It’s not just writer’s block, he’s haunted by his loss… literally. When he goes to stay at their cabin by Dark Score Lake, things won’t be settled. But they may well be resolved. A dream within a dream within a dream in Stephen King’s Shining-lite ghost story, not as hackneyed as Rose Red, nor as freaky as 1408. Brosnan’s a dependable presence at the heart of a handsome production filmed in Nova Scotia. And Sleepwalkers director Mick Garris knows his way around this territory. He made the TV movies of King’s Desperation and Riding the Bullet, the 1994 mini-series The Stand, and the King-scripted 1997 remake of The Shining.

Certificate: 15
Duration: Part 1: 80min/Part 2: 83min