Men In Black 3


(2002) ★★★


Will Smith’s Agent J has to turn Timecop to save Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) from being killed at the launch of Apollo 11 by time-jumping alien Boglodyte Jemaine Clement in July 1969. Back when Tommy Lee Jones was Josh Brolin. Sharp production design makes this long-delayed, diverting sequel look like Mad Men in Black. Brolin’s Tommy Lee Jones turn is super-slick, slick. Funnier in truth than most of the script, although Andy Warhol’s Factory party is amusing. Warhol’s an agent, too, freaked by his cover: “They’ve got me painting soup cans… and I can’t listen to any more sitar music.” Will’s beef is with the MiB jet-packs: “There’s a reason we don’t have these things in the future.” The ending is surprisingly sweet.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 106min