Wrong Turn


(2003) ★★★★

5*: Tuesday 5 May, 10.20pm

Eliza Dushku and Ghost Ship’s Desmond Harrington are among those attempting to stay off the menu in a mean, mightily impressive horror flick that deliberately evokes the more extreme end of 1970s teen-peril pics. Pared down to the essentials – we’re trapped and we’re going to be eaten – it’s an unpretentious little number that delivers on its promise: to put the audience through it. And then some.

All credit to director Rob Schmidt for negotiating such familiar territory with vim and vigour. In Ontario, of all places. Clearly, he’s a film-maker who knows how to make all the right moves. Which is why he stayed away from the video-bin sequels. The first was called Dead End. They all were. The sixth, fingers crossed, is called Last Resort.

Certificate: 18
Duration: 107min

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