Blue Jasmine


(2013) ★★★★

Sky Movies Drama: Sunday 10 May, 10.10pm

Bereft and flat broke after the conviction of her cheating con man husband Alec Baldwin, Park Avenue socialite Cate Blanchett heads for the modest San Francisco home of her doormat sister Sally Hawkins, a supermarket cashier. Her two young sons watch blankly as their unknown aunt pops pills and swill martinis while dispensing dubious life lessons. Woody Allen’s acutely cast character study has been slyly revised from Tennessee Williams’ theatrical warhorse, A Streetcar Named Desire, filmed in 1951 with Vivien Leigh’s self-pitying Blanche DuBois relying ‘on the kindness of strangers’. Blue Jasmine is one of Allen’s cruellest jokes, an unsentimental depiction of human vanity and frailty that bagged Bafta-winning Blanchett an Oscar and, by all rights, should have done the same for Hawkins. The feckless men in their lives – angry ex-husband Andrew Dice Clay and gregarious mechanic Bobby Cannavale for Hawkins, ambitious Peter Sarsgaard and the smarmily odious Baldwin for Blanchett – are sharply etched too. You cringe in the company of these babbling fallible people, but it’s hard to cry.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 99min

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