Grown Ups



Channel 5: Sunday 10 May, 8pm

Hollywood agent Adam Sandler spends the 4th of July holiday weekend with his schoolmates – Kevin James, Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade – in honour of their old basketball coach. Their wives and kids come too, and they’re even harder to like than the badly behaving men. The women are harpies, their offspring incredibly obnoxious. The funniest thing about this self-indulgent, crude clan gathering is that the title means the exact opposite of what’s on offer (which was also the case with Sandler’s grimly self-pitying Funny People). With something like GoodFellas, such irony’s acceptable. In mean-spirited comedies, not so much. This isn’t a movie, it’s some kind of cruel and unusual punishment. The only laughter is right up there on screen, as the characters shriek and shout and point and snigger at anyone’s discomfort but their own. Grown Ups 2 (Sky Movies Comedy, Thursday at 8pm) is terrible 2. A stale smorgasbord unfit for human consumption. Big surprise.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 98min

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