(2010) ★★★

Film4: Friday 15 May, 9pm

Since making his mark in a series of serious movies back in the 1980s – The Bounty, Excalibur, The Mission, the lead in Lamb – Liam Neeson has carved a screen career notable for its variety. Oscar-nominated in the early 90s for his towering performance in Schindler’s List, the big man from Ballymena is now some kind of Non-Stop action man: the Star Wars prequels, the hero in The A-Team, the villain in Batman Begins. He can do intimate (Love Actually) and epic (Kingdom of Heaven). Grim (The Grey) and grimmer (A Walk Among the Tombstones). Taken is something else again. A wild one-man-army vengeance quest in Paris that’s a bit like Jet Li’s Kiss of the Dragon… if it was a Steven Seagal flick. Albanian sex traffickers nab young Maggie Grace in Paris. The fools don’t know Liam’s her dad. And, scowling just like Seagal, Neeson single-handedly tears the city apart as he obsessively hunts them down. Still, for all the demolition derby mayhem, Paris looks good by night. Amazingly, this ruthless, seedy and ultra-violent picture earned only a ‘PG-13’ rating in the US. Good for business, though. Taken 2 became France’s biggest ever global hit so the cynical Luc Besson franchise has already been taken up to 3.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 87min

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