The Bourne Legacy


(2012) ★★

Film4: PREMIERE Tuesday 12 May, 9pm

Jeremy Renner as teak-tough agent Aaron Cross, caught up in the Jason Bourne fallout. The gimmick is that all this treacherous Treadstone cover-up stuff is taking place while Matt Damon’s Bourne (often mentioned but glimpsed only in a TV news mug shot) is away taking care of business in the Bourne films 2 and 3. Stuff that Damon didn’t know about. Stuff that feels kind of irrelevant to us, too. This Bourne’s legacy is to let down the franchise with a few half-hearted bangs and plenty of whimper (crucially, Bourne 2 and 3 director Paul Greengrass is also absent). To paraphrase intelligence suit Stacy Keach, they were handed a Ferrari and they’ve treated it like a lawnmower. “We have less than eight minutes to get out of here,” Renner tells bewildered boffin Rachel Weisz. Eight minutes? Does anyone – even programmed CIA lab rats – talk like that? This doesn’t feel like a new beginning. It feels like the disposable pilot for a TV series that’s already finished: The Bourne Redundancy.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 135min

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