Kicking off another explosive week on Emmerdale, Sam is nervous as Rachel is determined to have it out with Jai today after Sam’s recent revelation that Jai kidnapped Charity.

ITV, 7.00pm

Rachel refuses to leave Archie with Jai at Amba’s party, insisting that he’s not safe after what Jai did to Charity. Jai then forces Rachel to go to the factory with him, claiming there’s a problem, but Sam is wary.

At the factory, Rachel tells Jai that she wants full control of Archie’s life, lying that she is prepared to sacrifice Sam if necessary. However, a composed Jai takes Rachel by surprise and soon she is trapped, alone and screaming…

Meanwhile, Rakesh realises that he has overreacted when David tells him there is nothing between him and Priya. Later, Rakesh apologises to Priya for his jealousy and has more than one proposal for her.

Elsewhere, Alicia comments to Rakesh about how good Kirin is with Amba. David is envious of Rakesh’s role in Amba’s life.