The Resident


(2010) ★★

BBC1: PREMIERE Tuesday 19 May, 11.45pm

Badly shaken after breaking-up with the cheating guy she still loves, ER doctor Hilary Swank moves into a spacious apartment in a renovated brownstone beside the Brooklyn Bridge. Talk about a room with a view. It’s too good to be true, of course. But live-in landlord Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems like such a nice guy… A few creepy scenes in an unengaging thriller that falls far short of the standard set by the remarkably similar Spanish chiller Sleep Tight. Handsomely shot by Pan’s Labyrinth Oscar winner Guillermo Navarro, so it’s a masterpiece compared to The Roommate. And that goes double for Hilary’s Biblical horror flop, The Reaping.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 91min

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BBC1 Northern Ireland Wednesday, 20 May at 12:00AM
BBC1 Wales Wednesday, 20 May at 12:10AM
BBC1 Scotland Wednesday, 20 May at 12:40AM