American Hustle


(2013) ★★★

Sky Movies Crime and Thriller: Saturday 23 May, 9pm

Nabbed by flaky FBI guy Bradley Cooper, con artist couple Christian Bale and Amy Adams are coerced into a sting aimed at the grafters rebuilding Atlantic City. It spirals out control long before Bale’s barmy wife Jennifer Lawrence nuzzles up to the Mob. Breezily fictionalised account of the 1978 Abscam operation, an FBI sting as elaborately misconceived as Bale’s combover hairdo. Funny as far as it goes (which is nowhere beneath the gleaming retro surface) but the eye-rolling script lacks the zingy freaky-deakiness of a top tier 70s writer such as Elmore Leonard. This is by David O. Russell, reuniting with his Silver Linings Playbook leads, Cooper and the Oscar-winning Lawrence, both of whom ham it up mercilessly. It so desperately wants to be GoodFellas but only the brilliant Bale and, all-too briefly, an unbilled Robert De Niro seem to belong in this low-fi lowlife world. Enough carping. It’s good fun. And there’s Steely Dan and Duke Ellington on the soundtrack. Even so, 10 Oscar nominations does seem excessive.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 138min

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