Evil Dead


(2013) ★★

Film 4: PREMIERE Saturday 23 May, 11pm

“Cross my heart and hope to die,” says Shiloh Fernandez, one of five friends sequestered at a cabin in the woods. That can be arranged, almost immediately. Because a Book of the Dead condemns them to suffer. Like the audience. Demonically straightfaced revision of Sam Raimi’s frightfully funny tree-hugging ‘video nasty’ comes with ‘new, improved’ drug detox backstory. Not to mention added power tools and Omen-ous music. So near, yet so far-fetched. The only thing that seems the same as Raimi’s film is the scruffy Michigan State sweatshirt worn by one of the ladies. Eat my chainsaw!

Certificate: 18
Duration: 92min

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Film4 Friday, 29 May at 10:55PM