Miami Vice


(2006) ★★

ITV: Friday 29 May, 10.45pm

Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx take the Crockett and Tubbs roles in a seriously slick makeover for Michael Mann’s 1980s designer cop show. Heralded by Jan Hammer’s pounding theme tune, the pastel-and-neon TV show was about as believable as the alligator aboard Don Johnson’s yacht. No snapping reptiles here, not this century. It’s pretty much a business transaction as the scruffy undercover cops in smart overdrive cars target a Colombia drug cartel run by Luis Tosar. “They are somehow wrong,” Tosar’s paranoid partner warily observes of wheeler-dealering Farrell and Foxx. “They are too good at what they do.” So good that Farrell has time for a quickie in Cuba with Tosar’s mistress Gong Li. Despite the exotics settings, the moody music and murky blue-neon chic, Miami Vice never really kicks off. Foxx and Farrell don’t inhabit their roles. They look like actors playing a part – undercover actors! So the bad guys are much more interesting than the good guys. Which means the poster taglines should be changed: No Law. No Order. No Personality. Maybe Mann remade the wrong 80s TV show. His Chicago-set Crime Story series always was a better bet than Miami Vice.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 132min