The Ugly Truth



Film 4: Tuesday 26 May, 11.15pm

TV producer Katherine Heigl spitting feathers when the Sacramento station bosses hire knuckle-scraping misogynist Gerard Butler to boost the morning show ratings with his boorish observations on the battle of the sexes. Charmless, deliberately offensive and presumably romantic comedy with its knickers in a twist. Underlining the smuttiest gags, it’s so dishonest it evokes nostalgia for the comparative fragrance of American Pie. A crude variation on the Roxanne/Cyrano theme, the script mistakes crass for risqué, turning its basic Doris Day/Rock Hudson template into sludge. I was going to write ‘sleaze’ but you know how these committee-produced studio rom-coms turn out, even one as recklessly misjudged as this: like a mushy Valentine card. Ms Heigl (among many others) co-produced this, suggesting she’s not the greatest judge of scripts. Mind you, 27 Dresses is already looking like some kind of lost masterpiece.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 96min