About Time


(2013) ★★½

Sky Movies Greats: Monday 1 June, 5.50pm

Like Quantum Leap’s Sam Beckett, Domhnall Gleeson can bounce back in time. The difference is he can choose his moments. And still he manages to make a mess of things. Another Richard Curtis comedy about love, actually, made awkward by time. The genial Gleeson (Brendan’s boy) uses his trick to win over Rachel McAdams, although it’s soon apparent the maudlin thrust of the story is the bond between father and son. Domhnall’s dad is played by Bill Nighy, giving a trademark turn in a film that’s a big bunk up from The Boat That Rocked, if only baby-steps from The Time Traveler’s Wife (which also starred McAdams). There’s something cosy and banal about Curtis’ pronouncements on the important things in life, especially when they’re delivered so smugly by mildly bohemian middle class eccentrics. Life isn’t a struggle for these folk, it’s a lark. Ultimately, it’s awash in sentimentalism, with only the likes of Tom Holland’s abusive playwright Harry to remind us that once upon a time Curtis wrote funny stuff like The Tall Guy. But that, of course, was ‘un film de Mel Smith’. This one’s all Curtis. There’s a wedding, a funeral, and four good jokes. For Curtis completists, About Time is followed by Four Weddings and a Funeral at 8pm, and Love Actually at 10pm.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 124min

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