Cuban Fury


(2013) ★★

Film4: PREMIERE Thursday 4 June, 9pm

Nick Frost turned his back on dancing after being bullied as a schoolboy. His salsa soul is reawakened 25 years later by new office boss Rashida Jones, but Frost is now an insecure dumpling with a face like a dropped scone. Which obnoxious colleague Chris O’Dowd mocks mercilessly: “How can you take something so seriously that’s named after a dip?” Over-qualified cast in a sequined sitcom of all the rote moves. Incidentally, the script’s original title was Salsa Fury; the word ‘Cuban’ is never mentioned in the film, although ‘heels’ crops up and Al Pacino’s Scarface is referenced.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 98min

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