Eagle Eye


(2008) ★★

BBC1: Wednesday 3 June, 11.15pm

Someone somewhere has set up Shia LaBeouf as a terrorist suspect. In the company of desperate stranger Michelle Monaghan, Shia must run… run for his life! The chase begins in spectacular and incredible fashion. And I mean, literally, incredible. The entire premise and the relaying of instructions to this hapless couple is unbelievable. It makes them seem like cartoon figures in a computer game landscape that makes no sense… a video game gone haywire, with the music set to migraine. Supposedly inspired by North by Northwest and The Man Who Knew Too Much, this remote control mayhem is a technophobic conspiracy thriller made by crash-test dummies, a collection of ripped-off Hitchcock setpieces with all the intelligence and wit removed. Laughable and preposterous, maybe, but not cheap. All the technology works. Like clockwork.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 113min

Other Showings Date & Time
BBC1 Northern Ireland Thursday, 4 June at 12:15AM