(2007) ★★★★

Channel 4: Sunday 31 May, 11.40pm

Anthony Hopkins calmly picks up the discarded casing after shooting his young wife, who’s been cheating on him. He then carefully prepares the crime scene before the police arrive. He tells them he shot her. Hotshot attorney Ryan Gosling wants this open-and-shut case as a parting gift before joining the lucrative private sector. But this case is not going to go the way anyone imagines, least of all the cop who was sleeping with Hopkins’ wife. And Gosling’s mind is half on his new job. A cagey thriller with a polished performance from the charismatic Hopkins, supremely creepy as he sniffs out the flaws in people, finding their weak spots. He’ll put the most disconcerting gesture – a playful wink, a basking shark’s smile – into the most serious of circumstances, wrong-footing both the audience and Gosling’s inattentive attorney. By using the rules to his own twisted agenda, Hopkins turns the lawyer’s tricks against him – just like attorneys do! “I shot my wife,” says Hopkins. “Prove it.” Hopkins is so affably wicked and Gosling’s so cocky and naive, you’ll likely root for the psycho.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 113min