In Time


(2011) ★★

Channel 5: PREMIERE Sunday 31 May, 11pm

Time is money in a world where genetic engineering stops people ageing at 25. But only the rich can afford to buy extra time. Cop Cillian Murphy thinks Justin Timberlake has killed for his. Dim and distant echoes of the superior Gattaca in Andrew Niccol’s creepy fable – everyone’s 25 or under, so of course it’s creepy – that heavyhandedly juggles 21st century obsessions with youth and status, and then lectures us about the inequity of it all. Early on it raises the spectre of over-population, but then ignores the idea in favour of a Mod Squad edition of The Fugitive. Shot by the Coen brothers’ brilliant British cameraman Roger Deakins, working for the first time with digital. So it looks better than Logan’s Run. But it’s nowhere near as memorable as Soylent Green.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 105min