(2010) ★★★

Film4: Monday 1 June, 9.00pm

Married with 2.5 children, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are at a loss when their first-born slips into a coma – a condition which invites unwelcome visitors into their creepy new home. Solid old-school Poltergeist spookery from Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell, filmed from unsettling perspectives. Para-psychologist Lin Shaye shows up with a pair of geeky psi-fi boffins who utilise all the Radio Shack gear. One’s called Tucker but the other, dsiappointingly, isn’t called Dale. He’s Specs and Whannell gives himself the film’s only amusing line when introducing himself to Wilson: “You must be Josh… that’s not psychic, Elise already told us your names.” The familiar ingredients – creaky doors, ticking clocks, hollow footsteps, shadowy figures in darkened corners – are fiendishly deployed, and it’s a pleasure to experience the fictional jitters after the feeble hoax documentary approach of the inert Paranormal Activity pictures. Like Wan and Whannell’s unfairly derided Dead Silence, it’s fairly outlandish despite a basically naturalistic approach: astral projection and demonic possession in a haunted house setting. “What’s happening is real,” says Wilson’s mom, Barbara Hershey. “I’ve seen it for myself.” She has too, up close and way-too personal. She was in The Entity almost 30 years ago.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 103min

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