The Woman in Black


(2012) ★★★

Channel 4: Saturday 30 May, 9.00pm

As a grieving young Edwardian solicitor sent to sort through the effects at a haunted house in Crythin Gifford, Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t just lay the ghost of Harry Potter, he tramples it in the mud. And he wears melancholy well. In the grand tradition of Hammer horrors, the locals at the inn are not welcoming. What an accursed place this is: a raven on the bed, children dropping like flys, and a black-clad figure in the graveyard. With the world’s creepiest collection of mechanical toys and dolls, Eel Marsh House is likewise forsaken, a wild and forlorn mansion the remote end of a tidal causeway. The mystery and shivers are in the shadows. But it’s the grief of the living that hangs like a shroud over this handsome film of Susan Hill’s celebrated spine-tingler. And they have the Great War to come.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 96min