(2013) ★★★

Treasury agent Gerard Butler first on the scene and last man standing when those crazy North Koreans do a Godzilla on Washington DC. Now they’re holding president Aaron Eckhart hostage in a bunker beneath the badly damaged White House. The lively Olympus Has Fallen beat White House Down to the box office punch (both titles mean the same thing) and, with Butler in outnumbered action-man mode, it’s a good way to give Die Hard an upgrade. As they always do, the Pentagon sends in the Seals. So a circus is guaranteed. The noisier it is, the better. Reflection is not its strong suit. When it quietens down, it tends to fall apart. Though never quite as badly as the half-mocking White House Down. Lacking the serious tension of Twilight’s Last Gleaming, Olympus is an exciting escalation on The Sum of All Fears with effectively deployed CGI. While the siege is on, Morgan Freeman is made acting president. Everyone knows he should’ve had the job in the first place.

Certificate: 15