Dark Skies


(2013) ★★★

Channel 5: PREMIERE Sunday 7 June, 10pmpparent poltergeist activity freaks out suburban parents Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton. Complacent cop Josh Stamberg, spectacularly unhelpful, suggests they talk to their kids. In light of their home being subjected to starling bombardment, J.K. Simmons has another theory. He suggests one of their two boys has been selected for alien abduction. ‘The Grays’ (greys to us) are back in an efficient spook show along the lines of Communion and Fire in the Sky, the kind of ‘true’ 90s sci-fi stories that aimed to make X-File believers of all of us. “Just because I can’t explain something,” says the increasingly distraught Hamilton, “doesn’t mean aliens are responsible.” The biggest mystery remains, in light of erroneous but reasonable neighbourhood suspicions, the non-appearance of any child welfare case-workers. Director Scott Stewart’s first two movies were Legion and Priest. This is a step up. Jason Blum produced Insidious and Sinister. This is a step sideways. And it’s preceded by an enticing endorsement from Arthur C. Clarke: “Two possibilties exist. Either we’re alone in the universe or we aren’t. Both are equally terrifying.”

Certificate: 15
Duration: 97min