Monster House


(2006) ★★★★

Sky Movies Family: Monday 8 June, 3.30pm

Who wouldn’t be spooked by the crochety old man in the run-down old house opposite? With his hunched shoulders, tombstone teeth and warehouse rat’s eyes, he looks like the Crypt Keeper. “Do you want to be eaten alive?” he barks at the little girl, already crying because he’s pulled the wheels off her tricycle. It’s nearly Halloween – as good a time as any for curious young neighbour DJ, with the reluctant help of friends Jenny and Chowder, to investigate the mysteries of the old man’s monster house. The creepily smooth motion capture animation is much better suited to this spooky adventure than to its first appearance in The Polar Express. It’s an exciting way to tell an imaginative haunted house story in CGI that’s funny and scary. Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis are the executive producers, which might explain the Poltergeist/Tales from the Crypt vibe, and the voice casting is sharp too. Steve Buscemi – Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs and the ‘funny looking’ guy from Fargo – is perfect as old man Nebbercracker, and Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder is gamer nerd Skull: “In my travels to comic stores and conventions, I’ve seen many strange and wondrous things…” Monster House certainly qualifies on that score. Director Gil Kenan’s reward? The keys to the live-action Poltergeist remake. For more creatures of a cartoony kind, Sky Movies Disney has Monsters University at 6.10pm. Pixar’s beautifully designed prequel has everything. Except the Boo! factor.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 91min

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