Safety Not Guaranteed


(2012) ★★★

Film4: PREMIERE Tuesday 9 June, 10.45pm

Seattle magazine intern Aubrey Plaza intrigued by paranoid supermarket shelf-stacker Mark Duplass, who’s placed a want-ad requesting a partner willing to travel back in time. To 2001. “Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.” Cynical journalist Jake Johnson is certain it’s some kind of goof but needs to see someone in the area anyway. Shane Carruth’s Primer given a whimsical indie romcom tweak in a low-fi slice of sci-fi quirk developed from an actual Seattle classified ad that went viral in 2005. It lacks the eerie mystery of Britt Marling’s 2011 drama Sound of My Voice (about a cult led by a woman claiming to be from the future). But it is curiously amusing. For director Colin Trevorrow it served as a calling card for Jurassic World. For us, it’s a useful reminder that the big-eyed deadpan comedienne Aubrey Plaza is worth so much more than an irrelevant supporting turn in the likes of Playing It Cool.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 86min