The LEGO Avengers trailer is so epic, we nearly cried with laughter


Anyone that tells you they are too old for LEGO is only kidding themselves. Of course, the ageless building block game has seen a rise in popularity of late, thanks to a box office hit film.

Now, it’s the LEGO game everyone has been waiting for; Marvel’s Avengers! The video game spin-off of the comic book/film franchise enables players to fight to save New York against Loki and an array of toy beasts, in events that cover both the first film and the newly-released Age of Ultron. 

With the world in crisis and the planet on the brink of destruction the superhero supergroup are forced are locked in a dangerous battle…but there is still enough time for the Hulk to take a selfie.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will be released later in 2015 for PS4, Wii U, Xbox One and PC.