The Secret Life of Walter Mitty



Sky Movies Drama: Sunday 14 June, 9.45pm

Ben Stiller ‘reimagines’ James Thurber’s daydreaming hero as a nerdy nonentity. He zones out. A lot. This doesn’t seem to bother office colleague Kristen Wiig. Danny Kaye’s colourful 1947 comedy might have made a manic mess of Thurber’s satirical source story, but at least it never forgot to be funny. Stiller’s sadsack version – virtually a passive-aggressive vanity project – has big 21st century CGI fantasies but his mirthless character goes way beyond simple pathos into cringe-making pathetic. It’s like some weird focus-grouped hybrid of bits and pieces from two iffy Tom Hanks films: Forrest Gump and Joe vs the Volcano. Eat. Drink. Pray it’s funny. Good luck with that. Emphatically whimsical and sentimental, it’s the curious case of pushing all the wrong buttons.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 115min