(2009) ★★★

BBC1: Tuesday 16 June, 11.25pm

Paul Bettany as 19th century naturalist Charles Darwin, struggling with issues of faith and ill-health as he completes the book that will change everything. “You have killed God, sir!” exclaims Toby Jones excitedly, eager for Darwin to complete On the Origin of Species. Darwin’s devout wife Jennifer Connelly is less enthusiastic: “Do you really care so little for your immortal soul?” Christopher Young’s fulsome music is occasionally a bit much, but mostly this emotional costume drama adopts a measured approach to a subject that remains incendiary in the US – according to a Gallup poll taken the year Creation was made, only 39 per cent of Americans believed in the theory of evolution… 150 years after Darwin’s work was published. In America, they equate Darwin with science fiction. Or worse.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 103min

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