August: Osage County


(2013) ★★★

Sky Movies Drama: Wednesday 17 June, 8pm

When dad goes missing, Julia Roberts and her sisters rally round Oklahoma mom Meryl Streep, who has cancer. Of the mouth, not so’s you’d notice. Because it sure doesn’t prevent her from dispensing a few dark home truths, no matter how nasty it makes her sound. The sisters think it’s the pain pills talking. A classy ensemble cast gives Tracy Letts’ dysfunctional family panto a wincing theatrical workout. These are characters Stephen King would be proud of. Earning her 18th Oscar nomination, Meryl Streep’s Queen Lear is as scary as Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance in The Shining. Dressed fit for a coven, Julia Roberts is the only one who doesn’t flinch. Playwright Tracy Letts (he played Senator Andrew Lockhart in the third and fourth seasons of Homeland) has now had all three of his plays filmed: Bug and Killer Joe by William Friedkin, August by John Wells, veteran TV producer of ER and The West Wing.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 121min