The Sea Inside


(2004) ★★★

Sky Arts 1: Thursday 18 June, 10pm

The physics of ordinary life are a fantasy for quadriplegic Javier Bardem. Paralysed in a diving accident, he’s been bed-ridden and dependent for 26 years. Feeling his life has no dignity, he wants to die. That’s why lawyer Belén Rueda has come to see him. He needs help. The federal courts and the Catholic Church take a dim view of euthanansia. Like Brian Clark’s 1978 hit stage play said, Whose life is it anyway? Calm and completely lucid, Bardem finds an inner voice in his poetry (dictated to his nephew) and, as his case gains public momentum, his book is published: Letters From Hell. The view from his window’s nicer than that. And he’s given loving attention by his devoted sister-in-law (a wonderful performance by Mabel Rivera). A handsome, meditative work from talented Spanish film-maker Alejandro Amenábar, director of Open Your Eyes and The Others. Far less precious than The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, The Sea Inside won Best Foreign Film at the 2005 Oscars. Amenábar wrote the music too, which is wistful and oddly Gaelic.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 121min

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