Emmerdale Soapbox – Chrissie and Cain lock lips


Jai drugged Rachel as part of his devious plot to get custody of Archie, while Chrissie left herself open to blackmail by locking lips with Cain.

Davina Sands runs through all this and the rest of the action from the Dales in this week’s SquareEyed Soapbox.


Hi, I’m Davina Sands for SquareEyed.tv. Let’s head over to the Dales and catch up with all the latest gossip.

Jai stepped up his plan to get custody of Archie by drugging Rachel so she missed her mediation meeting. When she realised she had been stitched up, she took out her wrath on a terrified Sam who later told Ruby what Jai had done.

Rachel was full of regret and promised him that she’d never hurt him again but can Sam trust her? Goodness, he doesn’t have much luck with the ladies, does he?

From one troubled lady to another, Emma has been manipulating her way back into James’ arms and this week, it seemed her plan was working. But Finn put a spanner in the works by warning James that she had tried to break up him and Chas.

James headed over to Dale View to give Emma the news that he had signed the divorce papers and she was enraged. What vengeance will she be dishing out and to whom?

Cain received a visiting order from Charity and strangely, Moira urged him to go. Charity was relieved to see him but the meeting did not go well. Later, he headed over to meet Joanie to give her money for a deposit and warned her he didn’t want to hear from her ever again.

However, she turned up in the village later enraging Cain, but giving Kerry some hope that she could spend time with her grandson.

Harriet turned private investigator and followed Cain, believing him to know the whereabouts of Victoria, whom she has vowed to track down.

Chrissie found Adam’s phone after a moment of passion with Robert but he lied (again) and pretended that it was a present for Lachlan. Knowing this was a lie, she tried to track Aaron down before running into Cain, arguing with him and then they locked lips!

Harriet saw the whole thing and as she needs money for Ashley, will she use her evidence to extract money from Chrissie?

And finally, David pulled out of the shop deal leaving Bob and Carly aghast but why has he done it? Join me next week to find out.