(2012) ★★

BBC2: PREMIERE Sunday 21 June, 10pm

Police force brothers Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham deal with paedophile suspect Ben Crompton the old-fashioned way. Even in early stage Alzheimer’s, their retired cop dad Brian Cox still brags about beating confessions from criminals. Shot in steely Scandi-noir tones, Bill Gallagher’s severe truncation of his 2004 BBC series Conviction (with David Warner in the Cox role) plays like Sidney Lumet’s The Offence in fast-forward. So much guilt and anguish is poured into 90 minutes that the effect is overwrought from the off and soon risks sinking in parody. As for Bettany’s self-pitying detective – would this man really have passed any psych evaluations?

Certificate: 15
Duration: 92min