Tron Legacy


(2010) ★★

Sky Movies Disney: Saturday 20 June, 7pm

Twenty years after Jeff Bridges went missing, his son Garrett Hedlund gatecrashes the Grid – a video game frontier where the circuits are like neon freeways and lightcycles race on gleaming beams. The grid that’s most impressive is the electric one that still feeding Flynn’s Arcade 20 years after the place was closed down. As before, the Tron story doesn’t make much sense – Bridges sums it up for Hedlund as ‘biodigital jazz, man’, although describing the destruction of digital DNA as genocide seems beyond the pale. While it’s not as camp as The Last Airbender, there are times when it comes close. “The only way to win is not to play!” says Bridges, wary of his own cyber creation. As the film grinds on for two solid hours, it’s something to bear in mind. As for Bridges’ younger digital incarnation, there’s a disquieting familiarity about the waxen features and squinty eyes that’s not suggestive of a younger Jeff Bridges. He looks more like Ray Winstone’s fake incarnation in Beowulf, a facsimile that resembled Sean Bean more than Ray Winstone. I guess Sean Bean has one of those faces, because that’s what Bridges looks like too. Tron’s true legacy always was to have been released the same year as ET, Blade Runner and John Carpenter’s The Thing. Indeed, riffing on Carpenter themes, Daft Punk’s booming retro score works hard to generate some excitement but there’s no real intrigue or tension because… well, because for all the shiny surfaces, flashing lights and glossy digital manipulation, it’s still just a glorified computer game. More Lawnmower Man than I, Robot, it’s a sea of simulation that lacks the panache of The Matrix or the mystery of The Thirteenth Floor. But, hey, at least it’s not Speed Racer.

Certificate: PG
Duration: 125min

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