Say My Name. If you had Walter White’s terrifying eyes staring straight back at you, it would be hard not to. Breaking Bad fans were treated to a mini-revival of one of TV’s most infamous anti-heroes as Bryan Cranston joined Above and Beyond onstage during the group’s performance at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

The British trance act had previously recorded a track titled “Walter White” in 2013 and as Above and Beyond broke into the song, Cranston grabbed the microphone and growled ‘Say my name’ before a frenzied sell-out crowd at the EDC festival. “You’re God damn right,” he yelled before handing the mic back.

Cranston then pushed the button that kickstarted “Walter White” over the festival’s soundsystem.

Breaking Bad ended in fatal fashion for Walter White, but Cranston teased fans when he was asked about a future comeback for the much-loved show, saying “never say never.”

After the cameo appearance, Cranston used Twitter to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day and rebuff any suggestion that he was getting ‘too old.’ What a hero.