The Guard


(2011) ★★★★

Channel 4: Sunday 2 August, 11.05pm

By-the-book FBI agent Don Cheadle is bemused by the attitude of Connemara cop Brendan Gleeson when he outlines a drug drop due in Galway. “I thought only black lads were drug dealers,” says Gleeson, “…or Mexicans.” Cheadle can’t tell if sergeant Gleeson is smart or dumb. He’s certainly unorthodox – a wind-up merchant supreme. He might be contrary, but he’s not bent. The affably gruff Gleeson gives a Falstaffian star turn in this beaming comic thriller from John Michael McDonagh, whose brother Martin made the brilliant In Bruges. It’s not quite in that league but, not for the first time, Gleeson shows he’s worthy of promotion. The cod Morricone score by Calexico is the only disappointing touch; it seems blunt and obvious compared to the sharpness of the writing.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 108min

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