(2011) ★★★

Film4: PREMIERE Friday 3 July, 9pm

Unassuming papermaker Donnie Yen is hailed as a hero after killing two vicious bandits who attack a village store in picturesque provincial China, 1917. But investigating detective Takeshi Kaneshiro believes there’s a bigger picture behind the incident. Like how come this humble craftsman has crazy martial arts skills? Strikingly shot in photogenic surroundings, Dragon (the big box office hit Wu xia in China) is a superior example of chop-socky action, although the jaunty music is often at odds with the violence. The painstaking deconstruction of the event involves balletic slow-motion and CSI-style digi-mations of the inflicted punishments at work under the skin. Don’t try any of it at home.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 115min

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Film4 Thursday, 9 July at 11:40PM