The Devil Wears Prada


(2006) ★★★★

Sky Movies Drama: Friday 3 July, 8pm

Wide-eyed Anne Hathaway is the new girl at New York’s high profile fashion magazine Runway, run by editor Meryl Streep with a rod of irony. Lethal stilettos! Meryl’s high-handed bitchy behaviour makes Cruela De Vil seem sweetness and light. The ambitious Miss Hathaway hopes to use Runway as a bright light on her writing CV, but she doesn’t look the part. A fresh-faced country girl from Ohio, she’s reduced to fetching-and-carrying for the demanding Streep: “No foam skimmed latté… searing hot!” And she means, like, now. The other tasks she sets are more impossible. Much less caricatured than the Ugly Betty TV series, this nimble comedy is in fact far nastier than its shiny surface might have you believe. “That’s what this multi-billion dollar industry is all about, isn’t it?” gay art director Stanley Tucci tells naïve Anne, not unkindly. “Inner beauty.” Grabbing with glorious aplomb an umpteenth Oscar nomination (her 14th and she’s had another four since but who’s counting), Dragon Lady Meryl is magnificent. A softly-spoken sadist who long ago sold her soul for new shoes. Don’t go looking for any inner beauty.

Certificate: PG

Duration: 109min