Bruce Almighty


(2003) ★★★

Sky Movies Comedy: Monday 6 July, 6.10pm

im Carrey is Bruce Nolan, doing dumb goofy ‘world’s biggest cookie’-type items for a TV news station in Buffalo. Bruce wants to be an anchorman, and he blames every blip in his life on God. Beaten up on the day he loses his job, Bruce prangs his car while he’s praying for a miracle. Summoned to an empty warehouse marked Omni Presents, Bruce meets God. That rich brown voice, those wise old eyes, that gleaming white suit – Morgan Freeman is God all right. Carrey’s not convinced. “Nice meeting you God. Thank you for the Grand Canyon. Good luck with the Apocalypse. And goodbye.” But Bruce is given God’s job (He wants a summer break). After indulging in personal gratification (with no regard of consequence), Bruce must deal with the real work. And he can’t handle it. Who could? There’s funny stuff going on here, and Carrey can do flip insolence in his sleep. He’s a self-pitying, self-absorbed jerk with a long-suffering girlfriend (Jennifer Aniston is given mighty little to chew on). But he is funny. “So you’re the Boss, the Electrician and the Janitor,” he says to the unruffable Freeman. “Must be  a swell Christmas party.” The sentimentality is patently insincere and the message, thank God, is not serious. They are joking, right? Steve Carell’s Carey-less sequel Evan Almighty is on ITV2, Saturday 11 July at 2.20pm. It was after this 2007 picture that director Tom Shadyac gave away most of his money to eco concerns. The only film he’s made since is the 2010 documentary I Am, in which Shadyac speaks with intellectual and spiritual figures about what’s wrong with the world. Me, I’d ask Morgan Freeman.

Certificate: 12
Duration: 95min

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