(2012) ★★★

Film4: PREMIERE Tuesday 7 July, 9pm

Womanising hedge-fund fraudster Richard Gere tries desperately to cover his tracks in white-collar thriller of more urgency – though less sympathy – than Margin Call. There’s an odd ambivalence to Gere that’s put to good use here. He’s usually reliable when playing shady characters who are at best ambiguous; it gives the drama an unpredictable edge. Arbitrage is a market transaction term. They could have called it Triage. Except in Gere’s case it’s too late for bandages, never mind a bailout. “You think money’s going to fix this?” says Nate Parker, caught in the cover-up. “What else is there?” says Gere. Maybe there’s a dogged cop like Tim Roth, tired of being out-bought and out-lawyered by the one per-centers. And maybe that’s why the shame-faced Roth later took the Eurotrash dollar by agreeing to play disgraced Fifa boss Sepp Blatter in the widely derided puff piece, United Passions.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 107min