Let’s Be Cops


(2014) ★★½

Sky Movies Premiere: PREMIERE Friday 10 July, 4.15pm and 8pm

Togged up for a costume party in prop cop outfits, a pair of regular losers are mistaken for real policemen on the streets of Los Angeles. After picking up an old black-and-white LAPD patrol car for a couple of grand on eBay, delusional slacker Jake Johnson convinces sceptical buddy Damon Wayans Jr to along for the ride. Which is so bumpy it Jumps the Street. A bunch of dubious skits stitched together, it veers from funny to foolish to plain dumb. The moment when Johnson realises he can actually pull off impersonating an officer is a rare bellylaugh. The opening’s amusingly played, too, with Wayans nervously pitching his new Patrolman video game. “Patrol Man?” says his boss. “I like it. What superpowers does he have?” Most of the time, it’s a headslapper; especially after tattooed Albanian gangster James D’Arcy and bent detective Andy Garcia get involved. “Even the cops think we’re cops!” marvels Johnson. The bad guys aren’t so easily duped. Move along, nothing new to see here. Not so much Hot Fuzz as Bad Boys. But less of a chore than Ride Along, that’s for sure.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 104min