Fast & Furious 5


(2011) ★★★

E4: Saturday 11 July, 9pm

Paul Walker’s forever young, Vin Diesel’s always furious. They’re both back in action here with the brakes off. But there must be easier ways to make crime pay than by boosting souped-up motors from a speeding freight train in Brazil. Especially when they’ve been tagged by the DEA. Law enforcer Dwayne Johnson is flying down to Rio to nab Diesel and Walker, who are also being hunted by crime boss Joaquim De Almeida’s trigger-happy goons. So Diesel devises a sharp U-turn. They’re going to pull an Ocean’s 11 stroke on Reyes – who owns the favelas with drugs and the cops with bribes – by cleaning out his dirty business. Best not to dwell on a clunkily sentimental script that does periodic recaps for latecomers while going out of its way to make our fun-lovin’ fugitives sympathetic good guys at heart. Although it borrows its brightest ideas from a host of other heist movies, a lot can be forgiven for the jaw-dropping car-chase and crash-bash finale that doesn’t stint on big-screen thrills. It slams and it bangs. And it only took them five starts to get the cars’n’guns formula right.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 130min

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