Eat Pray Love



Watch: Friday 17 July, 10pm

Unhappy with ex-husband Billy Crudup and actor boyfriend James Franco, New York travel writer Julia Roberts takes a year out of her Manhattan high life to find spiritual enlightenment in Italy, India and Indonesia. These three ‘I’s worked wonders for real-life “Me, me, me” author Liz Gilbert, whose bestselling memoir makes for a near-three-hour travelogue that’s even blander than the romantic fiction of Nicholas Sparks. Not only is there no conflict (unless Liz’s bladder infection counts), but there’s no character development. This isn’t The Razor’s Edge here. Julia’s Liz remains the same gaunt, vaguely neurotic and controlling New Yorker from first to last. What miffs Liz – aside from the fact that people tend to be who they are, not what she wants them to be – is that the wrong song was played at her wedding. And the moral of her holiday stories? Mind what you eat and careful what you pray for. Some will love it, even though it’s not so much a movie as a moveable feast fit for the Food Channel, a coffee table brochure with a bumper-sticker script. Still, if you’ve ever yearned to see Julia Roberts meditate cross-legged or tuck into platefuls of linguine and wipe tomato paste from her chin, this might just qualify as her Mystic Pizza 2. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, BBC1 has Julia’s 1990 hit Pretty Woman at 11.15pm.

Certificate: 15

Duration: 146min

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