Collateral Damage


(2001) ★★★

TCM: Monday 20 July, 9.00pm

Los Angeles fireman Arnold Schwarzenegger watches helplessly as his wife and son are killed in the blast from a terrorist bomb planted at a shopping plaza by Colombian terrorist Cliff Curtis. The police, the politicians and CIA spook Elias Koteas keep Arnie in the dark. So the big fireman decides his only course of action is to track down Curtis in Colombia’s jungle guerrilla zones. A chaotic and explosive action flick from Under Siege director Andrew Davis, who’s disinclined to explore any political implications in the story’s stance of self-righteous revenge. Its insistent depiction of rampant corruption and drug-trafficking will win few friends in Colombia, which is in any case represented on screen by Mexico’s Veracruz. Still, Arnie’s fans from the Conan era might be pleased to see him once again wielding an axe – he’s a fireman, remember. Originally set for release in September 2001, the picture was understandably shelved for a few months following the destruction of New York’s World Trade Center. Imagine the on-screen mayhem if Arnie had made the film after 9/11. When Collateral Damage eventually opened in the UK, many critics reacted as though the film-makers had personally insulted them.

Certificate: 15
Duration: 104min

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