Sky Movies Crime & Thriller: Friday 24 July, 8.15pm

Ethan Hawke drives like a maniac through the crowded streets of Sofia at Christmas. His wife’s been kidnapped and Hawke’s reacting robotically to reckless commands from the bad-accent man who’s taken her. Messy mash-up of the multi-tasking 12 Rounds action franchise with the Fast & Furious Transporters. Any attempt at back-story or characterisation is lifted wholesale from the Big Book of clunking B-pic clichés. The purpose of all the dumb tasks? To sell tie-in video games, I’d imagine. Jon Voight is the voice. He’s slumming, like Hawke. “Life is full of surprises,” he tells Hawke at the film’s ludicrous end. None of them are to be found in this awful effort, believe me.

Certificate: 12

Duration: 90min

IMDB – Getaway

TMDB – Getaway

Rotten Tomatoes – Getaway